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Northwest Ireland's Newest Guitar & Instrument Service.

Excellent Results. Affordable Rates. Right in the heart of Sligo.



My name is Shane Benjamin. I'm an Instrument Repair Specialist with a workshop at Rumble Rehearsal Studios Sligo. I am a qualified Engineer

with over 25 years of experience in music technology.


As a professional performer myself, I understand

exactly what musicians need and the sound

quality you expect from your gear.

Some of the services I offer:


  • Cleaning & Polishing

  • Restring

  • Setup

  • Fret Work

  • Instrument Wiring

  • Fault Finding & Resolution

  • Modifications

  • Nut & Bridge Replacement

  • Custom Control Layouts

  • Control & Switch Replacements

  • Pickup Installations

  • Anti-Noise/Hum Shielding

  • Cosmetic Damage Repairs

  • Metal Reconditioning

  • Custom Wiring Layouts

       For example: Humbucker Coil Splitting,

       Out of Phasing, Stacked Pots, Kill Switches,

       Passive to Active Conversions, Push/Pull

       Control, Blended Switching, Blended Phasing

       and More.


Stage Gear

  • General Inspections

  • Cleaning & Reconditioning

  • Servicing 

  • Speaker Replacement

  • Noise, Hum and Crackle Removal

  • Anti-Noise/Hum Shielding

  • Faulty Toggle & Switch Replacements

  • Broken Off Control Rescue & Jack Plug


  • Recapping (Replacing all of the Capacitors.

         in an Amplifier or other device)

  • PCB Trace Repair and Reconstruction

  • Mute Switch / Standby Controls​​

  • Vaccum Tube (Valve) Checking and​​


  • Missing Hardware Replacements

       (Knobs, Lights, Screws, Bolts Switches)

  • Adding Wheels and Handles



  • Custom Panel Cutting

  • XLR / TRS Port Installation

  • Instrument Connector Upgrades

  • Pickup & Battery Cavity Cutting

  • Custom Rackmount Units

  • 19" Rack Upgrades

  • Cable Routing for Amp / PA Rigs

  • Roadproofing - Reliable setups for touring gear

  • Much more! Just ask

Your live setup and packdown times can be quicker.

Talk to me about your gear today. I can help you

plan better equipment configurations to speed

things up.



I also offer general servicing on other devices

such as Keyboards, Power Adaptors, Headphones,

Guitar Pedals and more. Not everything

is economical to fix. I'm here to help, and will

give you the best advice I can. Just send me

details about your gear and I'll let you know if it 

can be repaired.


You can browse through my repairs below via

my Instagram account and Before/After Samples.

Just scroll down to the section called 'My Work'.

Explore thousands of images and videos of

everything I've worked on to date!

Read some great reviews from my valued

clients below. They know they can depend

on me for reliable and precise repairs that keep

the show going.

If you have any questions of your own, there's

a form at the bottom of this page to submit

a message to me. I will be delighted to answer

them and will respond as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading! 




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